Our Story

We love burgers. We also love the planet, We were inspired by the book OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA by Michael Pollan, and in 2009 we realized that sustainable 100% Grass Fed Burgers were nearly impossible to find in Los Angeles. We wanted to change that. Matt began conversations with cattle ranchers he knows in Teton Valley, ID and it took off from there. In March of 2010, the PATTYWAGON hit the streets of Los Angeles, and has been serving 100% Grass Fed Beef to the entire Los Angeles area ever since.

The Owners

Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein

A lifelong burger fan (he believes he likes burgers better than ANYONE), JEFF was raised on a dairy farm in Central Illinois, making him the PattyWagon’s leading authority on beef. He received a degree in economics from the University of Illinois while he wrote songs and performed in bands. He continued his passion for music and played different venues in Chicago and Los Angeles. JEFF co- owned the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA with Matt Roth from 2002-2007. #BORDERLINE STRONG. He is currently a proud co-owner of the PattyWagon, since 2010, with partners Matt Roth and Stephanie Childers Roth.

Matt Roth

A lifelong burger fan, MATT is rumored to have eaten burgers on every road trip he has taken since he’s had two teeth. When he was a teenager with an unfortunate orthodontic incident that required his jaw to be wired shut for six weeks, he infamously tossed his burgers in a blender and ate them with a straw. Horrifying? YES. But does it make him a bigger burger fan than JEFF? ABSOLUTELY. MATT was born on the air force base in Warner-Robbins, GA, and raised in Elk Grove, IL. He received a Fine Arts degree from DePaul University in Chicago and has been a working actor for 30 years. His love of cooking started while working in fine dining restaurants in Chicago and continues to be a passion to this day. He co-owned the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA with Jeff Klein from 2002-2007 #BORDERLINESTRONG. Matt and his family own property in Teton Valley, ID, where he established a partnership with cattle ranchers to procure the 100% Grass Fed Beef for the PattyWagon. He currently is a co-owner of the PattyWagon, since 2010, with Jeff Klein and his wife Stephanie Childers Roth.

Matt Roth

Stephanie Childers Roth

A lifelong burger fan, STEPH grew up on the South Side of Chicago, a place near and dear to her heart, where one of the main food groups is BURGERS, so she is way more of a burger fan and EXPERT than both JEFF and MATT. Since the inception of the PattyWagon, she has trained tirelessly on the grill and has, indisputably, become the fastest burger flipper in the West. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre from Illinois State University, and fully appreciates the irony of having a BS in Acting. While acting on television, movies and theatre in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, she passionately began her hobby of cooking and baking, and is delighted to have turned this passion into a second career. She has been a proud co-owner of The PattyWagon since 2010 with partner Jeff Klein and her husband Matt Roth.

The Team

Matt, Steph and Jeff are on the truck most days, but we also have a great team of employees who care deeply about serving you the best 100% Grass Fed Burgers and most amazing fries ever! Special shout out to Paul, our Jack of All Trades, who has been with us since almost the beginning. And it wouldn’t be a true family business without mentioning Matt’s kids, Will and Mae. They prove that eating 100% grass fed beef turns you into a Superhero, and they can often be found working on the truck. Come by and see us!

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